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Up for sale is a Brand New in Pack, Outre X-pression Premium Kanekalon Ultra Premium Braiding Hair. This company was the first to really market and have them available in your local BSS, hence why x-pression hair extensions are so popular!X-pression Ultra Jumbo Braids. Extremely easy to plait with. Expression Jumbo Braid is it. Queen Xpression, soft and easy for corn braid/box Braid. Note that this is high quality Synthetic Fiber ( Not 100% Kanekalon).Hair color chart. SHOP OUR STORE New Items Sale Items Hair Product Wig Product Hair Care Body Care Shoes. Track.X PRESSION BRAID 82″ 165g. Best Quality 100% Kanekalon Fiber. Tangle FREE, Brushable, Super Light Weight. Flame Retardant. Soft Texture. Be sure to add me to yourfavorites list !

XPression Braids is also pre-treated to allow for hot tool styling when you use a tool that’s made for use on wet hair.  I contacted the seller and received a reply along the lines of something must be wrong with the post office, they will look into it and get back in touch. the Outre 100 percent Kanekalon X-Pression Braid Ultra Tex makes it even easier than ever before.
After that, I contacted Amazon and they were very helpful, it’s so easy to braid that you’ll barely even feel it against your fingers. I had to contact Amazon again soon after for updating the situation. This was probably the 19th. Again, Amazon was great.


Available in some beautiful colour blends.A lot of hair for the price. Hair stylist was impressed with the quality of the extension (made form Nigeria product).I was shocked at how much hair is in one pack. The hair feels so light on my head and I love how my braids look. You will be able to make your color selection by sending a message to The Beauty Depot once you’ve completed your x-pression kanekalon braiding hair order.XPRESSION BRAIDING HAIR- good for Senegalese Twists, afro twists, crotchet Braids – used to create basket weaved cornrows,feathers micro plaits, thin twists, extra long synthetic singular dreads and Many Other Forms of African and African American Braiding Styles.

We have had the best feedback on this one though we also carry the X-treme Braiding hair, Stylist Expressions, Pandara, etc, so you can actually request any one of these in its place as long as we have it in stock, just please make sure to ask beforehand. But please remember that this auction is for the Outre Xpressions/Expressions Braiding Hair. I searched high and low for a site that would have the colors I wanted with fast shipping. Other sites had my colors but wanted me to purchase wholesale. I’m so glad I didn’t give up looking. The texture felt a mix of what I can describe as barn straw and corse horse hair. It was difficult to braid and shed. After a few tries of braiding there was nothing but a rats nest of tangled ‘hair.’


X-pression Ultra Jumbo Braids. Extremely easy to plait with x-pression kanekalon hair. Expression Jumbo Braid is it. Available in some beautiful colour blends. This x-pression hair is for braiding and of good can be used with hot water,Tangle free,brushable and super light.USPS Priority Mail International usually delivers in about 6-10 business days.I put the X-Pression on the heading just for key word search. This is not X-Pression braid.Choose from straight, wavy and curly. Now you are able to get that celebrity look you always wanted. Our brazilian hair stock is 100% natural.I had ordered 4 different types of kanekalon jumbo hair.

ALL arrived at the same time and since I had never ordered this sort of thing before I was surprised by the amount of hair to each package! Very good for such a low price! I will most definitely be going through this company again!! Outre X-Pression Ultra Braid is Hot Water to Use, Flame Retardant Fiber, Super Light AND Tangle Free, Brushable, Softer than Regular Fibers. I had ordered two packs and I don’t even know what to do with the unopened one. I don’t think I should sell it because that would be wrong. Donate or maybe but that would feel bad donating something like this.

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